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Taking a Break

We haven’t made any updates to the official website or associated social media outlets for ‘On Tap of the World’ for a while, therefore if has been decided to officially temporarily discontinue our involvement in ‘On Tap of the World’ in general and go on to seek other endeavors for now.

The website is being backed up and is in the process of being taken down and thus will no longer exist very soon. We are keeping all social media outlets for ‘On Tap of the World’ open though and will be holding on to our official domain name to make sure it will be available when we decide to officially come back online.

Anyone who is following us on social media, please continue to follow. This is expected to be a long break, but when we do decide to pick the site back-up, we will be posting to these outlets to let everyone know.

Thanks for all your support and you might still see a random post here and there on our social media outlets, but no promises.

Follow us on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Untappd to stay tuned.

North Carolina Brewery Roundup

During our latest visit to North Carolina we were fortunate enough to visit five local breweries. Over the last several weeks, we’ve posted a series of blog post, one for each brewery. In Waynesville, NC we visited Frog Level Brewing & BooJum Brewing Company. In Canton, NC we visited BearWaters Brewing. In Franklin, NC, we visited Currahee Brewing & Lazy Hiker Brewing Co.

This last post of our series will cover beer tasted during our trip. If you missed any of the previous post , check out our beer blog or to see a tour of a specific brewery, click on its name in the above paragraph.

Frog Level Brewing Co.

56 Commerce St, Waynesville, NC 28786

Beers Tried: Imperial Brown, Bug Eye Stout, Ultra Violet Sour

  Imperial Brown:

Look: Poor is rich dark brown that light can barely pass through with a light but dense head.  Smell: Smells like nuts and roasted malts.   Mouthfeel:   Heavy and viscous.   If I had to many of these I am not sure if I would be drunk or full first.  Taste: 1st imperial brown I’ve had. It comes on a bit boozy (which is expected at over 10%) but it is immediately countered by toasted malty goodness. I will have to search out some more high gravity browns. 

  Bug Eye Stout:

Look: Dark and thick with a beautiful brown head. Taste: Trying to pick flavor notes out but the bitterness is so overpowering it is almost hits a pepper like spiciness. On the tail end some chocolate and vanilla notes peak out just a little. Haven’t found a stout I can say no to but this may be the 1st. Frog Level is currently bourbon barrel aging this brew so I will have to try it again and see what notes get dragged out.

  Ultra Violet Sour:

Look:  Strawberry Amber color.   Smell:  Smells like a bowl of mixed fruit you want a bury your face in.   Taste: Made with blackberry puree and oh so sweet and sour. Sour comes in at a strong 6.6% ABV.


Boojum Brewery

50 N Main St, Waynesville, NC 28786

Beers Tried: Hounds of Hell Lager, Graveyards Field Porter, King of the Mountain Double IPA

  Hounds of Hell Lager:

Taste: Light, crisp, malty and refreshing Munich style lager 5.5% What a well-rounded lager. This brew hits you with a real combo. Comes in crisp and malty and then finish with a happy malty blend. This is a beer, what a traditional beer is and it is lovely.

  Graveyards Field Porter:

Look: Deep dark brown. Little to no head. Smell: Your standard porter roasted smell with a little hint of sweetness at the end. Taste: Same as when you eat fresh blueberries the after taste lingers for a bit.  Definitely a complimentary addition to a porter not I would not have thought of.

  King of Mountain Double IPA:

Taste: Big citrusy, hoppy west coast style Double IPA. Boozy initial flavor with a hoppy finish. Smell: Standard hoppy smell


BearWaters Brewing Co.

101 Park St, Canton, NC 28716

Beers Tried: Chocolate Cherry Stout , Snownado Mint Stout , Muscadine Saison

  Chocolate Cherry Stout:

Look: Rich dark brown with a fluffy lasting head. Smells: Smells just like chocolate covered cherries. Mouthfeel: Light and smooth with a little bite that tickles the back of your throat. Taste: Initial taste is  the infused cherry followed by rich bitter dark chocolate. The bitterness leaves a tickle in the back of your throat. Ends with a quality toasted malty finish

  Snownado Mint Stout:

Look: Rich dark brown color and a little cloudy when held up to the light.   Smell: Smells like a friggin peppermint patty.  Taste: The mint is front and center and really overpowers the other flavors you would expect in a stout. The mint makes this very refreshing to drink but I did find as I drank more of it was almost too much and had a hard time finishing my glass. This may be better in small doses. I don’t think I have ever flip flopped so hard.

Photo not available. Beer drank too fast.   Muscadine Saison:

Looks: Amber color and a little cloudy with a thick creamy head. Smell: Smells like fresh muscadines straight of the vine. Taste: This is a clash of tart a bitter battling it out for victory in your mouth. The muscadine tartness overpowers the bitterness in the end to claim the thrown. Great twist on the saison.


Currahee Brewing Company

100 Lakeside Dr, Franklin, NC 28734

Beers Tried: Blutberg Belgian Berliner Weisse, Kawi Coffee Stout,

  Blutberg Belgian Berliner Weisse:

Look: Reddish brown with no head. Smell: Fruity. Taste: I am use to Berliner Weisse being harsh and sour/tart but this is tame and easily palatable. There’s an initial rush of crisp tart dark fruit flavors. Ends with a really pleasant date/fig taste that coats your lips and mouth that leaves you wanting another sip.

  Kawi Coffee Stout:

Look: pitch black pour with a quickly dissipating head. Smell: Coffee and dark roasted malts. Coffee is definitely the prominent flavor up front. Ends with a lingering bittersweet. Hop notes are earthy and a little more bitter then I would prefer in a stout but it really does not affect the overall taste. Malt notes are molasses and coffee.


Lazy Hiker Brewing Co.

188 W Main St, Franklin, NC 28734

Beers Tried: Blueberry Flapjack Stout

  Blueberry Flapjack Stout:

Look: Pitch black pour with a light head. Smell: Smells like a coffee stout but there is a hint of fruit and biscuit. Taste: Real hoppy and bitter stout. The biscuit/bread flavor of the flapjack they are going for comes through. This one is a little too hoppy for my taste. There is a bit of blueberry fruitiness on the front end but blueberries are already a bit bitter anyway so this just might not be the right combo for my palate.


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Behind the Scenes

Just a quick update. We are having a bit of a delay with the last installment of our North Carolina 3 City Beer Tour. Due to the fact that ‘On Tap of the World’ is currently ‘a labor of love’ in which it’s founders must still maintain our day/night jobs, our last installment will not be ready today; however, it should be ready first thing Monday morning.

If you’ve been following our post so far, you know our North Carolina three city beer tour consist of Frog Level, Boojum, BearWaters, Currahee and Lazy Hiker Brewery. If you have not been able to read all of these post, here’s your chance to catch up now. During these past weeks we’ve covered our experiences at the breweries themselves and have included a few ‘fun facts’ in our post. In this last post we will be covering the beers tasted at these establishments and will be including a picture of each beer. We hope you’ve enjoyed the series so far, and hope you return Monday to check out it’s inevitable conclusion.

In other news, we have also been doing a lot of work on the back-end of our official Facebook page with the business manager. Due to technical difficulties there has been a delay in updating events on our Facebook page, but no longer. I happy to say back-end issues on our Facebook page have been resolved and we have added hundreds of new events going on in Georgia to our Facebook events page. Through the magic of plugins these new event additions have been relayed to the events page on our official website, but even though we can see them here on the back-end of WordPress, they don’t seem to be showing up on the front end just yet. We will continue to hammer out these small kinks , till all events are view-able through both mediums, but until then – please just check our Facebook Events page for the most current list of events. 

Thank you all for Liking us on Facebook, Following us on Twitter, UnTappd and Instagram, reading our blog and supporting our passion project. We hope to grow more this summer and include a lot of new things here on ‘On Tap of the World’. I hope you all enjoy it and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

North Carolina 3 City Beer Tour – Fifth Stop ‘Lazy Hiker’ in Franklin, NC

During our latest visit to North Carolina we were fortunate enough to visit five local breweries, next week you will see the last in our series of blog post, which will include beer tasted during our three city beer tour. Last week we posted about ‘Currahee’, this week last and fifth on our list, ‘Lazy Hiker’.

After leaving Currahee we headed to Lazy Hiker Brewing Company which is also in Franklin and very nearby the other brewery. Lazy Hiker is a short hike off the Appalachian Trail in the mountains of western North Carolina and therefore has hiking maps and information for hikers about the area. If you’re coming off the trail hungry, Lazy Hiker does have food available during lunch & dinner from the Mad Batter Food Truck located in their parking lot, but please note they do not make food in house.

The day we arrived at Lazy Hiker, there was a special event going on. We thought we might have to come back and visit on a separate trip as they were clearly busy, but luckily the staff was nice enough to welcome us into the taproom even though they were slapped full of people and we were basically party crashing guest. Thankfully, we found one unoccupied table and did our best to stay out of the way. In our little out of the way spot, we enjoyed a lively atmosphere, a warm fire and outside heaters on this chilly North Carolina night. In addition to plenty of seating outdoors, Lazy Hiker also has two corn-hole games, if you’re lucky enough to get to them first.

Lazy Hiker Brewing Company, Franklin NC / Photo by Desiree’ Turner

One thing we noticed while at Lazy Hiker, is that it seems to be a brewery for all ages. We saw the young, the old, every age in-between. Generations within families, all enjoying the day together. As the name suggest, the brewery was much laid back, not once did we ever feel rushed or unwelcome as there were friendly and patient faces all around.

Inside the taproom there were several more tables for seating and lots hiking themed decor. Original Lazy Hiker art lined the top of one wall. A giant map adorns another wall. A couple of smaller maps can be found, one of them being a NC Beer Map. There are several sneakers hanging from lamps here and there, and of course Lazy Hiker merch. They have t-shirts long sleeve and short sleeve, hoodies, hats, beanies and canned brews to go. If you’re looking to kill time indoors, there is a ping pong table toward the back for those rainy days. Also do note that Lazy Hiker has entertainment regularly on Fridays and Saturdays, check their events schedule online for updates.

Lazy Hiker Brewing Company, Franklin NC / Photo by Desiree’ Turner

Now we didn’t get a chance to see the brew-house, but from what I do understand Lazy Hiker has a 2 vessel, 15 barrel system located near the back, with which they make their brews. Also I did a little research and found that both the brewery and taproom are located in what was former Town Hall and Fire Department of downtown in Franklin, NC. 

We had a great time while at Lazy Hiker Brewery and plan to go back sometime for a hike. If you would like to learn more about Lazy Hiker Brewery and plan a trip yourself, you can visit their website at: http://lazyhikerbrewing.com/

To view more images of our trip to Lazy Hiker Brewery, Please Visit our Gallery. Wanna share this Gallery or a particular image with your friends on Facebook? It’s easy, just go to a mirror of this gallery on Facebook and use the share feature.

Also Please don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest blog updates, so you never miss a post. Untappd for our most recent mini beer reviews, and Instagram for beautifully shot beers and to see what we are up to. Cheers!

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North Carolina 3 City Beer Tour – Fourth Stop ‘Currahee’ in Franklin, NC

During our latest visit to North Carolina we were fortunate enough to visit five local breweries, during the next two weeks you will see a series of blog post, one for each brewery. Last week we posted about ‘BearWaters’, this week and fourth on our list, ‘Currahee’.

After leaving BearWaters in Canton, NC to headed to Franklin to visit Currahee Brewing Company. Currahee is housed in long 10,000 sq ft warehouse building, that sits on 2.5 acres at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. If you want to ‘get away from it all’ this is the place. As you walk in to a large open room, the environment is nothing but relaxing. Behind the bar 12 taps are available for use.  Above the taps is a large TV with six chalkboards on each side, displaying what’s on draft.  The bar is huge, and the bartenders are more than willing to chat for a while with patrons wanting a little conversation. At the far end of the taproom are two fully windowed garage style doors that lead outside to additional seating. Above a round table in the far corner is another TV for viewing. On the opposite side of the room a long rectangular table is available, next to what I like to call ‘Currahee’s swag station’. This little area showcases some of their cans, flyers for upcoming events, growlers, mugs and glasses available for sale. The brewery isn’t easily view-able by the public as it is in a separate walled off space, but we did manage to sneak in a peak in it’s partially open garage door while we were there. 

Currahee Brewing Company, Franklin NC / Photo by Desiree’ Turner

Outside Currahee has additional seating, with a great views. Behind garage door number one, a view of Currahee’s neighbor located fairly close to the brewery; a house on a hill with grazing cattle in the front yard. Behind garage door number two, a long row of seating right on the Little Tennessee River. Across from the river, a playground filled playful sounds and the laughter of children. Even with the playground visible, the outside area was still a very peaceful and quiet place on the day that we went, and an excellent place to sit and read or just contemplate. 

While at Currahee we learned a few things: They are the second brewery to open in Franklin. They serve Belgium & German style beers and have a passion for barrel-aged beers and a longing to focus more on old European styles. Currahee tends to stray away from the hop heavy brews that seem to be the trend in most of the southern Appalachian breweries. The brewery is named after the official motto of the famous unit of the 101st Airborne Division , the 506th PIR (Parachute Infantry Regiment), to honor those of military service. The unit earned their notoriety through many campaigns of WWII, the Vietnam War and continue to serve today. The word itself, ‘Currahee’ is Cherokee for ‘Stand Alone’.

The main players at this brewery include Taylor Yates, Currahee’s brewmaster who previously worked at Moon River Brewing in Savannah. Co-founder, president and CEO Brandon Hintz, who previously worked as a brewer at SweetWater Brewing in Atlanta and continues to run things at the Hop Alley Brew Pub in Alpharetta via Macon (read more about that here). Co-founder and CFO JT Schroeder, who has a financial background and previously worked as a business analyst in the investment banking industry and deals more with numbers and the administrative side of things. Onsite Operations Manager Andrea le Roux, who also worked at Moon River Brewing in Savannah, as well as a brewery in New Zealand. 

Currahee Brewing Company, Franklin NC / Photo by Desiree’ Turner

We had a an extremely relaxing and educational time at Currahee while in Franklin, NC. If you’re looking to learn more, you can visit their website at https://www.curraheebrew.com/

To view more images of our trip to Currahee Brewing Company, Please Visit our Facebook Gallery.

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North Carolina 3 City Beer Tour – Third Stop ‘Bear Waters’ in Canton NC

During our latest visit to North Carolina we were fortunate enough to visit five local breweries, during the next three weeks you will see a series of blog post, one for each brewery. Last week we posted about ‘BooJum‘ this week and third on our list, ‘BearWaters’.

The day after our Waynesville brewery visits, we decided to head off to Canton, NC to visit BearWaters Brewing Company. BearWaters Brewing is a great place to spend a warm & sunny afternoon if you’re in the area and in the mood for a brew. Bear Waters Brewery has the Pigeon River Grille onsite, lots of games, seating & TV’s for viewing. You could easily spend your entire afternoon here.

Outside the brewery, right on one of the Pigeon rivers’ tributaries, there is a large deck with seating. By the main entrance, a smaller dog friendly patio for your furry friends is also available. A huge garage style door opens up into the brewery, that lets all the sights and sounds of the outside world in, so you never feel too cooped up. Signs of what’s on tap are near the bar for everyone to see. If you’re a DD or a minor, you can also choose to purchase fruit flavored carbonated water from the sparkling water station, which had several flavors available. Non-alcoholic drinks from the Grille are also an option.

BearWaters Brewery Company, Canton NC / Photo by Desiree’ Turner

Downstairs they have a large indoor dining and drinking area, some games and the indoor eatery Pigeon River Grille has a full and delicious menu. Against the back wall are two dart boards and a shuffle board table. A corn hole game is also available to set up outside. There are also a few small rooms; One with a very long table (I’m guessing for groups), another with four tables & three TV’s, if you’re in the mood to watch a game or three. The third is a small game room with hockey table , claw machine, off road challenge game and a golden tee live game and multi choice arcade game.

Upstairs is a very comfortable lounge area with sofas and chairs overlooking the establishment, for those who want more privacy. It is excellent place to sit & read a book or play a board game (if you ask me). Also a good vantage point for viewing the very large combo screen above the bar. Where four TV’s are set up to create one giant image.

BearWaters Brewery Company, Canton NC / Photo by Desiree’ Turner

The brewing area (where all the magic happens) is viewable right behind the bar, as well as more than a handful of swag to the left and right of the bar. They have stickers, buttons, patches, shirts and more available for purchase, if you want to take home a souvenir. You can also purchase beer to go as they will can anything on draft for you on the spot. The only thing I saw that was not for sale was a Bear Waters Hockey Jersey , which you have to earn by playing on their hockey team. That’s right, this brewery has a hockey team and a giant trophy and pictures of the team are viewable at the bar.

We enjoyed our time very much as Bear Waters Brewery. If you would like to learn more, you can visit their website at http://bearwatersbrewing.com/

To view more images of our trip to Bear Waters Brewing Co., Please Visit our Facebook Gallery

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North Carolina 3 City Beer Tour – Second Stop ‘BooJum’ in Waynesville NC

During our latest visit to North Carolina we were fortunate enough to visit five local breweries, during the next four weeks you will see a series of blog post, one for each brewery. Last week we posted about Frog Level Brewing, this week and second on our list, ‘BooJum’.

BooJum Brewing Company gets its name from a local legend; a mountain creature specific to the North Carolina Smokies called a BooJum. The way the BooJum was described to me, is that it is much like a bigfoot, but wearing the clothes of a man and with a tail.

Of all the breweries we visited on this trip, Boojum definitely had the most eye-catching artwork for their canned brew line. This brewery is very large with three levels. The top level supports a full kitchen. The mid-level / ground level is divided into two sections. One section has a bar, with a couple of TV’s behind it and some tables nearby at which to eat. The beer menu is projected on the wall (which we thought was cool) and a food menu is available, when the kitchen is open. The other section is more of a dining area, with artwork on the wall and a place in the front to view an impressive amount of merch and more artwork. The bottom / underground level has another full bar, more TVs, games and some more tables.

BooJum Brewing Company, Waynesville NC / Photo by Desiree’ Turner

When we first got to Boojum, we were unaware that the outside underground level was associated with Boojum. It was late, probably around 10:00pm with only a handful of patrons at the bar located on ground level. While my husband was savoring a few brews, and talking to the bartender, he asked were everyone was at, and that’s when we discovered there was a downstairs.

Back out the front door, towards the street are some stone steps that lead down below street level.   At the bottom of the steps another hidden away entry to BooJum , is where the Waynesville night life lives, once the upstairs has closed. It was like walking into a bar in a college town. A younger crowd, if I had to guess I would say most of the people there were in their 20’s. Everyone was very friendly and seemed to be having a good time.

There was lots of stuff to do. Two TVs at the Bar for sports or cartoons, two more TV’s on the back wall, a pool table with another TV behind it. Two dart boards, a shuffleboard table, and a standalone console with a handful of classic arcade games and a Foosball table. Lots of table seating was available, in addition to the bar seating. Both beer and hard liquor were available. Guest wi-fi was also available, no password was required.

BooJum Brewing Company, Waynesville NC / Photo by Desiree’ Turner

Ground level bar closed at 11PM, but seemed to mostly slowdown around 10 pm, right after the kitchen closed. So, an excellent place to chill if your just looking for a nightcap and catch up on your TV viewing, but if you want to keep going – downstairs does seem to be open much later. Also, although we didn’t get a chance to see it because we went in the winter, we did learn that outdoor seating is available in the spring.

We had a great time at Boojum while in NC, if you’re looking to learn more, you can visit their website at http://www.boojumbrewing.com/

To view more images of our trip to BooJum Brewing Company, Please Visit our Facebook Gallery.

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North Carolina 3 City Beer Tour – First Stop ‘Frog Level’ in Waynesville NC

During our latest visit to North Carolina we were fortunate enough to visit five local breweries, during the next five weeks you will see a series of blog post, one for each brewery. First up, Frog Level.

Frog Level Brewing Company seems to be the local beer hole for the tight knit community of Waynesville. A place to socialize, play a few games, and listen to live music on a Saturday night. During our visit an excellent cover band played Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix and other classics.   Frog level has an impressive amount of brews considering brewery space available.   Rustic decor littered throughout and a warm social atmosphere brought back memories of episodes of Cheers. The brewery was well attended, most of the crowd seemed to be middle aged and attitudes were very laid back.

Frog Level Brewery, Waynesville NC / Photo by Desiree’ Turner

Beers were categorized by flavor, on one side of the menu ‘Seasonals’ are featured, the other side year round brews.  Seating is available both indoors and out. Unfortunately when we went, it was a cold, wet, and rainy night,  so we weren’t able to take advantage of the huge deck out back. Things to do besides drinking to occupy one’s time include a variety of games: Janga, Air Hockey, Shuffle Board, Corn Hole and even a Wii with a bunch of games to play. Important info if your more of a lightweight or a designated driver, like me. A Guest Wifi network also showed up as available on my phone, password is required.  If you get hungry after all the game playing, a handful of snacks are available for purchase, but be aware, this is not a restaurant.

If your looking for a souvenir or two to take home both beer and beer swag are available. Prices (at the time of our visit): Cans 12oz 6 packs $15-$17, 16oz 4 packs $18, 16oz Draft $4.50-$6.50, 32oz $12 Growler, $10 Refill, $15 Seasonal. 64oz $15 Growler, $12 Refill, $20 Seasonal.

Frog Level Brewery, Waynesville NC / Photo by Desiree’ Turner

If your looking to buy Frog Level beers elsewhere, they are sold in some stores. We heard a patron mention that  Ingles and some gas stations in North Carolina have them, not sure about if their brews are available in other states though. If you would like to learn more, you can visit their website at http://www.froglevelbrewing.com .

To view more images of our trip to Frog Level Brewery, Please Visit our Facebook Gallery.

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A Day at the Zoo with Brews from Sweewater, Eventide, Monday Night & Many More


If you weren’t at this years ‘Brew at the Zoo’ make sure to make plans to be at next years. This event was a blast to say the least. They had everything…  beer tasting stations from several breweries, wine tasting stations for those who wanted a beer alternative, several small bands playing live music throughout the zoo, a huge tent with DJ’s playing until 9:30pm and under the tent… more beer tasting stations, beer pong table sponsored by the Atlanta Hawks (in which you win prizes, we got a few) , lots of free Powerade & water from Dasani (to help you sober up before the drive home) and my favorite… a giant blow up Skeeball (which I sincerely hope they have again next year), and off course WILD ANIMALS.

IMG_1211What we expected was a nice leisurely walk through the zoo while sipping on some brews, what we got was a night of fun, humor and entertainment. About the only complaint I have, was the food. Food was available for the hungry masses, but choices were few and prices were steep. Over $16 for one bun and two patties with cheese thrown on top, is a bit over what I prefer to pay. The burgers were not delicious, but merely substance to curb further intoxication. My advice for next year, try not to eat there – eat before and after if you can; but I realize for many, this will not be an option. My advice to the venue, bring in food trucks. The event managers did such a great job at offering a variety of different brews and entertainment, but completely dropped the ball on food. Even though I was highly disappointed about menu choices, the event was all in all a success and we will be back next year.

We arrived right before 5:30pm and waited for the gates to open eagerly with everyone else. When at last the gates did open, a flood of people headed strait towards the first beer station, containing brews by Sweetwater brewery (a group favorite). We quickly realized that if we stayed there, we’d be in line forever. The plan then became to get towards the back of the zoo as fast as possible, where the hope was, lines would be shorter. At first the plan worked, but it didn’t take long before other people had the same idea.

IMG_1181The event was advertised to be from 5:30pm – 9:30PM but we noticed that many of the sample stations towards the back of the Zoo had a last call time of 7:45pm , this was disappointing at first since we soon realized that due to wait times in line, there was no way we could ever stop by all the sample stations, but as the night went on… and people reached their limits, disappointments soon faded. We took our time walking around, looking at animals and taking pictures and eventually ended up back in front where the Sweetwater brewery station was. There we enjoyed a couple more drinks, some live music and got a few souvenirs from the gift shop.

Even though the Sweetwater station had a later last call time, we decided to head toward the big white tent where a lot a sound was coming from, after hearing that’s where all the action was. After getting inside the tent and seeing all of it’s offerings, we stayed there for a while before deciding to get a bit to eat and then heading back to finish out the night. The energy throughout the park was great, everyone seemed to be having a good time and I have to admit , some of the comments I heard people say while slightly intoxicated and staring at animals where hilarious. Although a few people took it way to far (ie. one girl on her hands and knees throwing up in the bushes) most people where aware of their limits and headed them.

Check out more pics from this years event here: http://ontapoftheworld.net/2016-brew-at-the-zoo/

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The First of Several Events Coming to you from Orpheus , Ale Yeah & Homegrown

Crawfish Broil 01

A collaboration between Ale Yeah and Homegrown, last night’s all you can eat crawfish boil was well worth attending. $45 a head for three beers (not explicitly mentioned BTW) and all you can eat crustaceans this event may have been slightly confusing at the start due to the vague facebook post but in the end it was a rewarding experience.

The beer furnished was a selection of Orpeheus favorites: Atalanta ( by far the best paired with seafood, a sour of supreme decency) , The Rites ( an IPA that does not pair with seafood) and Lyric Ale ( a raison that is light and very drinkable).

I arrived at homegrown with collaborator Drew and his wife Desi 20 minutes early, so we took a quick stroll across hwy 20 to the gentrified part of town and quickly consumed two $7 Thai wheat drafts. Regardless of where I am or how good the beer is it is an insult to me when a draft beer is priced over $5. I get slightly upset. So having teased our bellies with a single overpriced beer and lightened our wallets of $20 we used our beernergy to quickly walk our way back to the restaurant, admiring the bullet holes in the overpass signs and the unappealing industrial housing on the way.

Crawfish Broil 02

Arriving 20 minutes late we were greeted and allowed to seat ourselves at a plainly decorated 50 ft table adorned with buckets of beer on ice. Surprisingly this event was not as packed as I expected. I can only assume it has to do with the lack of outreach and not some inner hatred for crustaceans – beer aside, $45 for an all you can consume seafood feast in Atlanta is not highway robbery. The food was decent for under-skilled northerners ( being originally from Savannah I could have offered a few critiques).

The highlight of the night, outside of never-ending crustaceans, was the corn. Lathered in butter and cooked with lemons it was truly an eye opening experience for me. I will most certainly be cooking my corn in this manner for the duration of my existence. Overall, this low-key mixture of a local eatery and a brewery was fantastic , if not under attended , and I hope more people make the effort in the future.