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North Carolina 3 City Beer Tour – Second Stop ‘BooJum’ in Waynesville NC

During our latest visit to North Carolina we were fortunate enough to visit five local breweries, during the next four weeks you will see a series of blog post, one for each brewery. Last week we posted about Frog Level Brewing, this week and second on our list, ‘BooJum’.

BooJum Brewing Company gets its name from a local legend; a mountain creature specific to the North Carolina Smokies called a BooJum. The way the BooJum was described to me, is that it is much like a bigfoot, but wearing the clothes of a man and with a tail.

Of all the breweries we visited on this trip, Boojum definitely had the most eye-catching artwork for their canned brew line. This brewery is very large with three levels. The top level supports a full kitchen. The mid-level / ground level is divided into two sections. One section has a bar, with a couple of TV’s behind it and some tables nearby at which to eat. The beer menu is projected on the wall (which we thought was cool) and a food menu is available, when the kitchen is open. The other section is more of a dining area, with artwork on the wall and a place in the front to view an impressive amount of merch and more artwork. The bottom / underground level has another full bar, more TVs, games and some more tables.

BooJum Brewing Company, Waynesville NC / Photo by Desiree’ Turner

When we first got to Boojum, we were unaware that the outside underground level was associated with Boojum. It was late, probably around 10:00pm with only a handful of patrons at the bar located on ground level. While my husband was savoring a few brews, and talking to the bartender, he asked were everyone was at, and that’s when we discovered there was a downstairs.

Back out the front door, towards the street are some stone steps that lead down below street level.   At the bottom of the steps another hidden away entry to BooJum , is where the Waynesville night life lives, once the upstairs has closed. It was like walking into a bar in a college town. A younger crowd, if I had to guess I would say most of the people there were in their 20’s. Everyone was very friendly and seemed to be having a good time.

There was lots of stuff to do. Two TVs at the Bar for sports or cartoons, two more TV’s on the back wall, a pool table with another TV behind it. Two dart boards, a shuffleboard table, and a standalone console with a handful of classic arcade games and a Foosball table. Lots of table seating was available, in addition to the bar seating. Both beer and hard liquor were available. Guest wi-fi was also available, no password was required.

BooJum Brewing Company, Waynesville NC / Photo by Desiree’ Turner

Ground level bar closed at 11PM, but seemed to mostly slowdown around 10 pm, right after the kitchen closed. So, an excellent place to chill if your just looking for a nightcap and catch up on your TV viewing, but if you want to keep going – downstairs does seem to be open much later. Also, although we didn’t get a chance to see it because we went in the winter, we did learn that outdoor seating is available in the spring.

We had a great time at Boojum while in NC, if you’re looking to learn more, you can visit their website at http://www.boojumbrewing.com/

To view more images of our trip to BooJum Brewing Company, Please Visit our Facebook Gallery.

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