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Behind the Scenes

Just a quick update. We are having a bit of a delay with the last installment of our North Carolina 3 City Beer Tour. Due to the fact that ‘On Tap of the World’ is currently ‘a labor of love’ in which it’s founders must still maintain our day/night jobs, our last installment will not be ready today; however, it should be ready first thing Monday morning.

If you’ve been following our post so far, you know our North Carolina three city beer tour consist of Frog Level, Boojum, BearWaters, Currahee and Lazy Hiker Brewery. If you have not been able to read all of these post, here’s your chance to catch up now. During these past weeks we’ve covered our experiences at the breweries themselves and have included a few ‘fun facts’ in our post. In this last post we will be covering the beers tasted at these establishments and will be including a picture of each beer. We hope you’ve enjoyed the series so far, and hope you return Monday to check out it’s inevitable conclusion.

In other news, we have also been doing a lot of work on the back-end of our official Facebook page with the business manager. Due to technical difficulties there has been a delay in updating events on our Facebook page, but no longer. I happy to say back-end issues on our Facebook page have been resolved and we have added hundreds of new events going on in Georgia to our Facebook events page. Through the magic of plugins these new event additions have been relayed to the events page on our official website, but even though we can see them here on the back-end of WordPress, they don’t seem to be showing up on the front end just yet. We will continue to hammer out these small kinks , till all events are view-able through both mediums, but until then – please just check our Facebook Events page for the most current list of events. 

Thank you all for Liking us on Facebook, Following us on Twitter, UnTappd and Instagram, reading our blog and supporting our passion project. We hope to grow more this summer and include a lot of new things here on ‘On Tap of the World’. I hope you all enjoy it and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!