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A Trip to Dog Town

So I manageBand and Beersd to turn an impromptu trip to the bay area area to see my dad, who suffered a recently near death experience, to a trip to tour one of my favorite breweries, Lagunitas (still a win in my book.)  Myself, my father’s most recent baby mamma, and my baby sister dedicated an afternoon (after ensuring dad wasn’t gonna croak on us, of course) to a beautiful day of drinking.

When we arrived at the brewery, I was immediately impressed how a mainstream breweries managed to maintain a rather intimate atmosphere.  The first stop was to the gift shop to grab some swag, and pre-game our tour.  Our tour group was pretty small (about 15 folks) and it definitely had its perks.  We were guided to the employees lounge to obtain our liquid gifts.

Our booze tender and guide made an excellent job of making us feel right at home.  She was very knowledgeable and answered any questions about the story behind our favorite brews and the mastermind behind it all, Tony Magee.  I had a great time getting free bee…I mean knowledge (did I mention the tour is entirely free?)  Your history lesson for today is to research the St Patrick’s Day Massacre at Lagunitas.

The actual tour was impressing.  Lagunitas is serious about keeping their product a quality one we can all enjoy, all while keeping it green.  In addition to their Petaluma location, Lagunitas has started a massive operation in Tony’s hometown Chicago, where I’ll be certain to visit.

Our visit to Lagunitas wrapped up with a bit of surprise.  As if there wasn’t already enough free quality beer in my belly, it was service appreciation day.  A taco food truck was exactly what I needed to curb my ever rising buzz, and accompanied with a live band and more drafts to keep me hydrated made this a tour I won’t soon forget.

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Chris was born in Savannah, Georgia where he spent almost 24 years. Andrew and he have been friends since elementary school and have been inseparable since. Chris’s love for beer came from many late (sometimes unmemorable) nights spent in bars with friends where he learned to appreciate a good brew when he found one. Chris was a fireman in Savannah for the better part of the last decade, but has currently relocated to Atlanta where he is pursuing his dream of becoming a medical doctor. Some of Chris’s favorite brews include heavy bodied ales and porters, but bitter ones like a quality IPA will always be his favorite. Chris and Drew share the dream to be able to share their love for quality brews and the experiences that come from drinking them with friends by opening their own bottle and growler store.

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