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A Little House Keeping

Today we decided to do a little house keeping to the site. We fixed a couple of broken links, updated some stuff and added a few new nifty things. First off the link errors on the front page slide show have been fixed. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. We don’t want any confused folks out there.

Then we updated our header to include our new ‘On Tap of the World’ barrel logo, which you might have seen around the web on our Facebook, Twitter, Untappd and yes… new eBay store page. The new logo is also our new official favicon , making us easier to find among your open browser tabs (if you have at least 10 tabs open at all times, like me) or your bookmarks. This just adds a little consistancy to let everyone know, yes you are in the right place.

Last but not least, we added our *shiny* new eBay store feed to the site & updated the menu. It’s only 20 or so items to start, as we are experimenting, but expect more beer related items to be added very soon. You can also shop our eBay store via Facebook. Other nifty additions you might have noticed… both our twitter and untappd feeds are now embedded right on the sidebar, making it easier for site visitors to keep up with our goings on… without having to go all over the web.

We hope you enjoy these changes and if you have any suggestions, please comment or email via the contact page.

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Desiree Turner

Due to her low tolerance to alcohol an intolerance to gluten , Desi has been elected the designated driver of our group. Even though she is not an avid beer drinker and mostly likes the more 'girly' drinks, she enjoys going new places, learning about the science behind different brewing methods and documenting our groups adventures. In addition to documenting, Desiree also maintains the 'On Tap of the World' official website and assist Drew in maintaining both the eBay store and our social media outlets.

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