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Author: Andrew Turner

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Taking a Break

We haven’t made any updates to the official website or associated social media outlets for ‘On Tap of the World’ for a while, therefore if has been decided to officially temporarily discontinue our involvement in ‘On Tap of the World’ in general and go on to seek other endeavors for now.

The website is being backed up and is in the process of being taken down and thus will no longer exist very soon. We are keeping all social media outlets for ‘On Tap of the World’ open though and will be holding on to our official domain name to make sure it will be available when we decide to officially come back online.

Anyone who is following us on social media, please continue to follow. This is expected to be a long break, but when we do decide to pick the site back-up, we will be posting to these outlets to let everyone know.

Thanks for all your support and you might still see a random post here and there on our social media outlets, but no promises.

Follow us on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Untappd to stay tuned.