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Author: Aaron Driver

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The First of Several Events Coming to you from Orpheus , Ale Yeah & Homegrown

Crawfish Broil 01

A collaboration between Ale Yeah and Homegrown, last night’s all you can eat crawfish boil was well worth attending. $45 a head for three beers (not explicitly mentioned BTW) and all you can eat crustaceans this event may have been slightly confusing at the start due to the vague facebook post but in the end it was a rewarding experience.

The beer furnished was a selection of Orpeheus favorites: Atalanta ( by far the best paired with seafood, a sour of supreme decency) , The Rites ( an IPA that does not pair with seafood) and Lyric Ale ( a raison that is light and very drinkable).

I arrived at homegrown with collaborator Drew and his wife Desi 20 minutes early, so we took a quick stroll across hwy 20 to the gentrified part of town and quickly consumed two $7 Thai wheat drafts. Regardless of where I am or how good the beer is it is an insult to me when a draft beer is priced over $5. I get slightly upset. So having teased our bellies with a single overpriced beer and lightened our wallets of $20 we used our beernergy to quickly walk our way back to the restaurant, admiring the bullet holes in the overpass signs and the unappealing industrial housing on the way.

Crawfish Broil 02

Arriving 20 minutes late we were greeted and allowed to seat ourselves at a plainly decorated 50 ft table adorned with buckets of beer on ice. Surprisingly this event was not as packed as I expected. I can only assume it has to do with the lack of outreach and not some inner hatred for crustaceans – beer aside, $45 for an all you can consume seafood feast in Atlanta is not highway robbery. The food was decent for under-skilled northerners ( being originally from Savannah I could have offered a few critiques).

The highlight of the night, outside of never-ending crustaceans, was the corn. Lathered in butter and cooked with lemons it was truly an eye opening experience for me. I will most certainly be cooking my corn in this manner for the duration of my existence. Overall, this low-key mixture of a local eatery and a brewery was fantastic , if not under attended , and I hope more people make the effort in the future.