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North Carolina 3 City Beer Tour – Third Stop ‘Bear Waters’ in Canton NC

During our latest visit to North Carolina we were fortunate enough to visit five local breweries, during the next three weeks you will see a series of blog post, one for each brewery. Last week we posted about ‘BooJum‘ this week and third on our list, ‘BearWaters’.

The day after our Waynesville brewery visits, we decided to head off to Canton, NC to visit BearWaters Brewing Company. BearWaters Brewing is a great place to spend a warm & sunny afternoon if you’re in the area and in the mood for a brew. Bear Waters Brewery has the Pigeon River Grille onsite, lots of games, seating & TV’s for viewing. You could easily spend your entire afternoon here.

Outside the brewery, right on one of the Pigeon rivers’ tributaries, there is a large deck with seating. By the main entrance, a smaller dog friendly patio for your furry friends is also available. A huge garage style door opens up into the brewery, that lets all the sights and sounds of the outside world in, so you never feel too cooped up. Signs of what’s on tap are near the bar for everyone to see. If you’re a DD or a minor, you can also choose to purchase fruit flavored carbonated water from the sparkling water station, which had several flavors available. Non-alcoholic drinks from the Grille are also an option.

BearWaters Brewery Company, Canton NC / Photo by Desiree’ Turner

Downstairs they have a large indoor dining and drinking area, some games and the indoor eatery Pigeon River Grille has a full and delicious menu. Against the back wall are two dart boards and a shuffle board table. A corn hole game is also available to set up outside. There are also a few small rooms; One with a very long table (I’m guessing for groups), another with four tables & three TV’s, if you’re in the mood to watch a game or three. The third is a small game room with hockey table , claw machine, off road challenge game and a golden tee live game and multi choice arcade game.

Upstairs is a very comfortable lounge area with sofas and chairs overlooking the establishment, for those who want more privacy. It is excellent place to sit & read a book or play a board game (if you ask me). Also a good vantage point for viewing the very large combo screen above the bar. Where four TV’s are set up to create one giant image.

BearWaters Brewery Company, Canton NC / Photo by Desiree’ Turner

The brewing area (where all the magic happens) is viewable right behind the bar, as well as more than a handful of swag to the left and right of the bar. They have stickers, buttons, patches, shirts and more available for purchase, if you want to take home a souvenir. You can also purchase beer to go as they will can anything on draft for you on the spot. The only thing I saw that was not for sale was a Bear Waters Hockey Jersey , which you have to earn by playing on their hockey team. That’s right, this brewery has a hockey team and a giant trophy and pictures of the team are viewable at the bar.

We enjoyed our time very much as Bear Waters Brewery. If you would like to learn more, you can visit their website at http://bearwatersbrewing.com/

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