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Lazy Hiker Brewing

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North Carolina Brewery Roundup

During our latest visit to North Carolina we were fortunate enough to visit five local breweries. Over the last several weeks, we’ve posted a series of blog post, one for each brewery. In Waynesville, NC we visited Frog Level Brewing & BooJum Brewing Company. In Canton, NC we visited BearWaters Brewing. In Franklin, NC, we visited Currahee Brewing & Lazy Hiker Brewing Co.

This last post of our series will cover beer tasted during our trip. If you missed any of the previous post , check out our beer blog or to see a tour of a specific brewery, click on its name in the above paragraph.

Frog Level Brewing Co.

56 Commerce St, Waynesville, NC 28786

Beers Tried: Imperial Brown, Bug Eye Stout, Ultra Violet Sour

  Imperial Brown:

Look: Poor is rich dark brown that light can barely pass through with a light but dense head.  Smell: Smells like nuts and roasted malts.   Mouthfeel:   Heavy and viscous.   If I had to many of these I am not sure if I would be drunk or full first.  Taste: 1st imperial brown I’ve had. It comes on a bit boozy (which is expected at over 10%) but it is immediately countered by toasted malty goodness. I will have to search out some more high gravity browns. 

  Bug Eye Stout:

Look: Dark and thick with a beautiful brown head. Taste: Trying to pick flavor notes out but the bitterness is so overpowering it is almost hits a pepper like spiciness. On the tail end some chocolate and vanilla notes peak out just a little. Haven’t found a stout I can say no to but this may be the 1st. Frog Level is currently bourbon barrel aging this brew so I will have to try it again and see what notes get dragged out.

  Ultra Violet Sour:

Look:  Strawberry Amber color.   Smell:  Smells like a bowl of mixed fruit you want a bury your face in.   Taste: Made with blackberry puree and oh so sweet and sour. Sour comes in at a strong 6.6% ABV.


Boojum Brewery

50 N Main St, Waynesville, NC 28786

Beers Tried: Hounds of Hell Lager, Graveyards Field Porter, King of the Mountain Double IPA

  Hounds of Hell Lager:

Taste: Light, crisp, malty and refreshing Munich style lager 5.5% What a well-rounded lager. This brew hits you with a real combo. Comes in crisp and malty and then finish with a happy malty blend. This is a beer, what a traditional beer is and it is lovely.

  Graveyards Field Porter:

Look: Deep dark brown. Little to no head. Smell: Your standard porter roasted smell with a little hint of sweetness at the end. Taste: Same as when you eat fresh blueberries the after taste lingers for a bit.  Definitely a complimentary addition to a porter not I would not have thought of.

  King of Mountain Double IPA:

Taste: Big citrusy, hoppy west coast style Double IPA. Boozy initial flavor with a hoppy finish. Smell: Standard hoppy smell


BearWaters Brewing Co.

101 Park St, Canton, NC 28716

Beers Tried: Chocolate Cherry Stout , Snownado Mint Stout , Muscadine Saison

  Chocolate Cherry Stout:

Look: Rich dark brown with a fluffy lasting head. Smells: Smells just like chocolate covered cherries. Mouthfeel: Light and smooth with a little bite that tickles the back of your throat. Taste: Initial taste is  the infused cherry followed by rich bitter dark chocolate. The bitterness leaves a tickle in the back of your throat. Ends with a quality toasted malty finish

  Snownado Mint Stout:

Look: Rich dark brown color and a little cloudy when held up to the light.   Smell: Smells like a friggin peppermint patty.  Taste: The mint is front and center and really overpowers the other flavors you would expect in a stout. The mint makes this very refreshing to drink but I did find as I drank more of it was almost too much and had a hard time finishing my glass. This may be better in small doses. I don’t think I have ever flip flopped so hard.

Photo not available. Beer drank too fast.   Muscadine Saison:

Looks: Amber color and a little cloudy with a thick creamy head. Smell: Smells like fresh muscadines straight of the vine. Taste: This is a clash of tart a bitter battling it out for victory in your mouth. The muscadine tartness overpowers the bitterness in the end to claim the thrown. Great twist on the saison.


Currahee Brewing Company

100 Lakeside Dr, Franklin, NC 28734

Beers Tried: Blutberg Belgian Berliner Weisse, Kawi Coffee Stout,

  Blutberg Belgian Berliner Weisse:

Look: Reddish brown with no head. Smell: Fruity. Taste: I am use to Berliner Weisse being harsh and sour/tart but this is tame and easily palatable. There’s an initial rush of crisp tart dark fruit flavors. Ends with a really pleasant date/fig taste that coats your lips and mouth that leaves you wanting another sip.

  Kawi Coffee Stout:

Look: pitch black pour with a quickly dissipating head. Smell: Coffee and dark roasted malts. Coffee is definitely the prominent flavor up front. Ends with a lingering bittersweet. Hop notes are earthy and a little more bitter then I would prefer in a stout but it really does not affect the overall taste. Malt notes are molasses and coffee.


Lazy Hiker Brewing Co.

188 W Main St, Franklin, NC 28734

Beers Tried: Blueberry Flapjack Stout

  Blueberry Flapjack Stout:

Look: Pitch black pour with a light head. Smell: Smells like a coffee stout but there is a hint of fruit and biscuit. Taste: Real hoppy and bitter stout. The biscuit/bread flavor of the flapjack they are going for comes through. This one is a little too hoppy for my taste. There is a bit of blueberry fruitiness on the front end but blueberries are already a bit bitter anyway so this just might not be the right combo for my palate.


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North Carolina 3 City Beer Tour – Fifth Stop ‘Lazy Hiker’ in Franklin, NC

During our latest visit to North Carolina we were fortunate enough to visit five local breweries, next week you will see the last in our series of blog post, which will include beer tasted during our three city beer tour. Last week we posted about ‘Currahee’, this week last and fifth on our list, ‘Lazy Hiker’.

After leaving Currahee we headed to Lazy Hiker Brewing Company which is also in Franklin and very nearby the other brewery. Lazy Hiker is a short hike off the Appalachian Trail in the mountains of western North Carolina and therefore has hiking maps and information for hikers about the area. If you’re coming off the trail hungry, Lazy Hiker does have food available during lunch & dinner from the Mad Batter Food Truck located in their parking lot, but please note they do not make food in house.

The day we arrived at Lazy Hiker, there was a special event going on. We thought we might have to come back and visit on a separate trip as they were clearly busy, but luckily the staff was nice enough to welcome us into the taproom even though they were slapped full of people and we were basically party crashing guest. Thankfully, we found one unoccupied table and did our best to stay out of the way. In our little out of the way spot, we enjoyed a lively atmosphere, a warm fire and outside heaters on this chilly North Carolina night. In addition to plenty of seating outdoors, Lazy Hiker also has two corn-hole games, if you’re lucky enough to get to them first.

Lazy Hiker Brewing Company, Franklin NC / Photo by Desiree’ Turner

One thing we noticed while at Lazy Hiker, is that it seems to be a brewery for all ages. We saw the young, the old, every age in-between. Generations within families, all enjoying the day together. As the name suggest, the brewery was much laid back, not once did we ever feel rushed or unwelcome as there were friendly and patient faces all around.

Inside the taproom there were several more tables for seating and lots hiking themed decor. Original Lazy Hiker art lined the top of one wall. A giant map adorns another wall. A couple of smaller maps can be found, one of them being a NC Beer Map. There are several sneakers hanging from lamps here and there, and of course Lazy Hiker merch. They have t-shirts long sleeve and short sleeve, hoodies, hats, beanies and canned brews to go. If you’re looking to kill time indoors, there is a ping pong table toward the back for those rainy days. Also do note that Lazy Hiker has entertainment regularly on Fridays and Saturdays, check their events schedule online for updates.

Lazy Hiker Brewing Company, Franklin NC / Photo by Desiree’ Turner

Now we didn’t get a chance to see the brew-house, but from what I do understand Lazy Hiker has a 2 vessel, 15 barrel system located near the back, with which they make their brews. Also I did a little research and found that both the brewery and taproom are located in what was former Town Hall and Fire Department of downtown in Franklin, NC. 

We had a great time while at Lazy Hiker Brewery and plan to go back sometime for a hike. If you would like to learn more about Lazy Hiker Brewery and plan a trip yourself, you can visit their website at: http://lazyhikerbrewing.com/

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